Consumer Privacy Principles

eBureau collects and licenses offline data from a variety of sources for use in the products and services we provide to our customers.  Bona fide privacy principles are essential to the proper protection and management of this data and the personally identifiable information ("PII") contained within this data. We believe and have adopted the Generally Accepted Privacy Principles of Notice/Awareness, Choice, Consent, Access and Security. Our Consumer Privacy Principles are outlined below:


The management of PII and our Consumer Privacy Principles include the definition, documentation, and communication related to the accountability of our privacy policies and procedures. In this regard, we support consumer education, developing industry standards and best practices, responsible and effective federal regulation of the data industry, and legislation governing the practices of all data providers. We also support industry oversight and active engagement with the privacy community and believe that strong privacy and information security protections are vital for an effective and trusted data industry. In addition, other uses or disclosures may occur as required by applicable law, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (“DPPA”), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLBA”), and others as applicable to the markets in which we participate.


We are committed to the Privacy Principles of Notice and Awareness through documented policies and procedures, communication with our business partners and providing information on our best practices to consumers through our Privacy Policies. Further, we believe in consumer awareness and transparency and provide via our Privacy Center information related to how collected data is used and information on Choice and Access.

Choice and Consent

We respect consumer choice and allow consumers to Opt-Out of our products and services provided by us to our customers. Our Opt-Out provisions are specified in the associated privacy policies located on our web site or you can visit the opt-out page on our Privacy Center.

Data Collection, Quality, Use, Retention, and Disposal

We acquire information from reputable sources in the government and private sectors and we and maintain quality controls to ensure information is as accurate as possible. We take reasonable steps to assess the reputation and reliability of our private sector data sources before incorporating PII from the source into our products and services. We use the information we collect in strict adherence to our data source agreements. We control and secure the use of information through technology and operational regulation. We limit the dissemination of PII through product controls and through the use of eScores. Data is retained and disposed in accordance with our data source agreements.

Where appropriate we obtain contractual representations and warranties to ensure that our data suppliers maintain the legal rights to license or sell the data to us for our intended purposes and in compliance with legal requirements. We monitor and audit our business partners to ensure compliance with our contracted and legal requirements.

Data Access

Access is provided to our consumers for review through its Choice and Consent mechanisms (Privacy Center) and in accordance with our privacy policies. We allow for the creation and distribution of a consumers Data Report allowing for transparency of information maintained and used by us in our products and services provided to its customers.

Disclosure to Third Parties

We limit the distribution of PII in accordance with its level of sensitivity, its legal restriction on use, and in accordance with our data vendor contracts.

Security For Privacy

Data security is of utmost importance. We strive to protect PII from unauthorized access and inappropriate use and to prevent the inappropriate dissemination of PII through an effective, industry standard physical and logical security program. We have established and maintain strict guidelines and contracts for initializing, implementing, maintaining and improving security. In the event of an unintended breach, we maintain an Incident Response Plan to address the breach and any consumer notification requirements.

Monitoring and Enforcement

We maintain dedicated personnel assigned to ensure compliance with our Consumer Privacy Principles. Additionally, we also obtain independent assessments from qualified third-party entities to ensure that we maintain the appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards necessary to protect PII and to solidify and continue to develop our Consumer Privacy Principles.

General Consumer Inquiries
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