Consumer Opt-Out Request

In order for us to process an Opt-Out request, we will need additional information from you. The information you provide will be used to search our databases to determine what data, if any, is maintained in our systems that is associated with your personally identifying information. We also use the information you provide to us to ensure that we can verify your identity and to prevent consumer identity fraud. In order for eBureau to sustain your Opt-Out, we will need to retain the information you provide under your Opt-Out request. This information will be used only to identify your Opt-Out status and to notify our clients of your Opt-Out status.

Upon receipt of your request and eBureau’s proper verification of your submitted information, eBureau will process your Opt-Out and will discontinue the use of your information for eBureau's Marketing Services.

Please be advised that the Opt-Out as described here will apply only to the information as submitted on this request (for example, prior addresses or nicknames may not be recognized by the Opt-Out process). In the event your information changes (i.e. change in address, name change), your Opt-Out may not apply to the information you changed.  In these cases, you can submit a new Opt-Out request. 

Also note that initiating an Opt-Out may not prevent the use of your information under situations where Marketing Services have already been delivered. There may also be a delay of up to 5 business days from the date of your Opt-Out request before it is implemented and active.

Any Opt-Out requests that are submitted with incomplete data will not be processed.

General Consumer Inquiries
To Opt Out of eBureau, enter your information in the form on the right hand side of this page.

General inquiries can be sent to:
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