Press Releases

April 27, 2011

ST. CLOUD, Minn. —April 27, 2011 — eBureau, a leader in predictive analytics for performance marketers and digital advertisers, today announced that QuoteWizard, a nationwide provider of quality leads for the insurance industry and Inc. 500’s fastest growing insurance company for 2010, has selected and deployed eBureau’s eVerify Phone Contact Score to quickly and accurately verify the contact information of every consumer lead generated through QuoteWizard’s online insurance applications.

March 7, 2011

Chris Maher, CEO at eBureau, LLC, will present at the Montgomery Technology Conference, Tuesday, March 8. The event is an invite-only conference featuring presentations from over 150 high-quality growth companies, networking luncheons and industry-specific panel discussions. The attendees consist of over 800 senior-level private equity and venture capital investors and corporate industry executives.

March 3, 2011

Mark Doman, EVP Business Development at eBureau, LLC will present at CFSA’s Annual Meeting and Conference, Thursday, March 3 in Hollywood, FL as a part of the Underwriting and Analytics panel discussion titled “Getting Smart: The Importance of Analytics and Underwriting.” This panel of experts will speak about understanding the analytics of good loans and bad loans and how that understanding drives better results in the underwriting process.

February 28, 2011

eBureau, a leader in predictive analytics for performance marketers and digital advertisers, today announced its new industry standard Education Lead Quality Score, a real-time information service for small to medium online colleges and universities and online lead providers. Designed to instantly evaluate the quality of online student leads, the Education Lead Quality Score predicts which leads are more likely to start an online program either at the bachelor or graduate level. This service builds on eBureau’s award-winning custom eScores for Education offering and delivers an out-of-the-box solution that eliminates the need for up front custom modeling.

February 28, 2011

Jeff Liebl, EVP and GM at eBureau and Segev Tsfati, Director of Marketing at Laureate Education, will present at LeadsCon, Wednesday, March 2 in Las Vegas.

In their session “Lead Scoring Demystified” Mr. Liebl and Mr. Tsfati will provide an overview of lead scoring: what it is, how it’s used in the lead generation industry, and how lead sellers and buyers are putting scoring to work inside their businesses. Mr. Tsfati will talk specifically about how lead scoring has helped Walden University optimize and expand its CPL advertising efforts to recruit new students.

January 10, 2011

Chris Maher, CEO at eBureau, LLC will present at Gridley & Company’s 10th Annual Conference, Tuesday, January 11 in New York City. Gridley’s conference features 450 industry leaders, emerging growth companies and financial investors across the information services industry. This year’s conference theme is IDEA, which stands for Innovation, Disruption, Engagement, and Action.

January 7, 2011

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — January 7, 2011 — eBureau, a leader in predictive analytics for performance marketers and digital advertisers, yesterday received three inaugural 2010 LEADER Awards recognizing eBureau’s role in helping leading for-profit colleges and universities improve bottom-line results. These lead buying schools voted eBureau as the Best in Class Lead Verification Vendor, Best in Class Lead Scoring Vendor, and Technology MVP related to the Higher Education industry category.

December 8, 2010

eBureau, the leading provider of predictive analytics for performance marketers and digital advertisers and BlueKai, the world's largest auction marketplace for all audience data and data management platform provider today announced a partnership that offers advertisers a more precise method of audience targeting for online advertising campaigns.

November 11, 2010

Kevin Haire, Vice President of Collections, eBureau LLC will participate in the Health Care Collections Sessions at the ACA 2010 Fall Forum on Friday, November 12 in Chicago. The event features four unique agenda topics throughout the three day conference focused on Asset Buying, Health Care Collections, Collection Floor Management and Credit and Collection Compliance.

November 3, 2010

eBureau, a leader in predictive analytics for performance marketers and digital advertisers, today announced the availability of its newest solution, Audience Targeting. This new solution leverages the company's predictive analytics to create Custom Audiences for any advertiser who wants to reach their ideal audience across digital media channels.