Precise Leads Enters Valuable Partnership with eBureau for Insurance Scoring Solutions

June 27, 2012 - PDF

eBureau, a leading provider of predictive scoring and information services for online marketers, announces Precise Leads’ strategic plan to build upon it’s current proprietary system, incorporating eBureau in the company’s efforts to implement it’s lead quality management strategy.

Precise Leads, a highly rated lead generator within the insurance and financial community, selects eBureau’s total lead quality management solution to expand their offerings, allowing them to deliver the highest quality real-time leads to their customers. Engaging in this partnership will further assist Precise Leads’ goals to offer the most accurate information to agents, thereby minimizing lead returns.

eBureau’s insurance lead scoring solutions include eScores for Insurance, lead quality scoring for real-time decisioning; eVerify, detailed lead verification to validate consumer information; eTarget, demographic appends for additional insight; and eMonitor, a real-time, web-based monitoring dashboard used to help eliminate fraud.

“With eBureau, we are able to take the insurance score and build more tools on top of it, allowing us to more effectively manage lead verification and quality,” said Avigdor Susana, Chief Technology Officer, Precise Leads. “Between our increasing ability to monitor quality, the accuracy of eBureau’s data and the ability to append quality data to our leads, the eBureau solution is becoming an essential tool for us to differentiate ourselves in the market.”

“Precise Leads is continuing to evolve and to take steps to improve the quality of the leads they are generating,” said Gordy Meyer, President and Chief Executive Officer of eBureau. “We are happy to be their partner for lead quality management as they continue to improve their operational efforts, thereby boosting the quality of leads they are delivering.”


About eBureau
eBureau provides a powerful suite of predictive analytics and real-time information solutions to help consumer-facing businesses prevent online fraud, manage payment and credit risk, and improve operations. Clients span numerous industries and rely on the company’s consumer scoring, identity verification, authentication, and location services to make instant, data-driven business decisions. Launched in 2007, eBureau is a wholly-owned subsidiary of xTech Holdings, Inc. Its investors include Redpoint Ventures, Split Rock Partners, and Tenaya Capital. For more information, please visit; the eBureau Industry Blog; and the company’s presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Precise Leads
Precise Leads, Inc., a New York-based company, connects consumers shopping for insurance products with a vast national network of local insurance agents and national insurance carriers in real time.  Since 2004, Precise has helped millions of people save both time and money as they pass along their inquiries as consumer leads to eager and waiting insurance agents competing to earn their business. Precise Leads offers a wide variety of lead types, including Health, Medicare, Life, Auto, Homeowners, Final Expense, Long-Term Care, and Annuities. For more information, please visit; or follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 
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