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We are committed to the responsible use of the information we obtain through our online and offline data resources. We strive to protect the data we maintain through the implementation of industry standard security measures and operational controls. We strive to protect consumer privacy through product design and operational controls and remaining at the forefront of companies committed to responsible data practices. We are committed to provide services to businesses that are equally committed to responsible and secure data practices. 

Privacy For Consumers

  1. Data Collection and Use.

    Data Collected Online From Our Website ("Online Data"). eBureau maintains an “Privacy Policy” for persons or businesses who provide their personal and business information to eBureau when requesting commercial sales materials from eBureau or otherwise engaging in business related communications with eBureau via the eBureau website. Our Privacy Policy discloses how eBureau collects personal information through these interactions on the website located at, how we use that information and your choices with respect to this data. Online Data is not used in any of the eBureau Products and Services as defined below. For more information, please visit /privacy-policy.

    Data Collected Offline For Use In Our Products and Services ("Offline Data"). eBureau licenses and collects Offline Data via third party data vendor contracts, data contributor relationships, and via public records (such as the downloading of government lists, census files, etc). The data used and collected by eBureau includes identity verification information, public records, telephone records, demographic information and a variety of other types of data content. Offline Data is used in the eBureau Products and Services as defined below. For more information, view our Our Privacy Principles.

  2. How We Use The Offline Data We License And Collect.

    The Offline Data that is licensed, collected, and used by eBureau is used in a variety of eBureau products and services, including the following (“Products and Services”):

    • eScores-An “eScore” is a numeric representation of a statistical analysis of data (similar in nature to industry-standard credit scores but based on non-credit data) to help improve business decision making. eScores are designed to satisfy a wide variety of business objectives such as the likelihood of contacting a debtor or to measure the risk of potential consumer fraud involved in a business transaction. When our customers send transactions to us, relevant data is gathered on our system, the mathematical formula is applied to the transaction information, and an eScore is created. Once calculated, the eScore is returned to the customer, and the transaction information (along with the eScore) is permanently deleted from the eBureau system. All of this activity takes place in less than one second. eScores are used in eBureau's Fraud Prevention Services, its Collections and Recovery Services, and in its Marketing Services.
    • Fraud Prevention-When acquiring a customer, opening a new account, or registering a new member, eBureau’s Products and Services enable its customers to detect fraud before it causes financial damage or contributes to the propagation of consumer identity fraud. eBureau’s identity verification, authentication and fraud scoring solutions provide multiple levels of automated fraud prevention assistance to help reduce actual fraud losses, reduce false positive rates leading to improved customer acquisition, and lower operational costs related to manual exception processing.
    • Collections and Recovery- eBureau’s Collection and Recovery Services provide Accounts Receivable Management professionals accurate and predictive scoring and skip tracing information services to aid in their collection efforts. Our solutions help in predicting the probability of collecting on an account, the likelihood of collection mail being returned, and other key outcomes designed to maximize profitability in the collections and recovery life cycle.
    • Marketing Services- As the focus of direct marketing migrates from traditional advertising channels to the Internet, performance marketers must continually optimize their new customer acquisition campaigns and improve the quality of consumer sales leads. To address these challenges, eBureau’s Marketing Services deliver predictive analytics and verification services that provide performance marketers with the ability to optimize their customer acquisition strategies and improve the quality of internet sales leads.
  3. Consumer Choices.

    eBureau provides consumers with the ability to request data reports and to opt-out of eBureau's Marketing Services.

    a. Request Data Report-Upon request and with the proper verification of your identity, eBureau will provide individuals with a copy of their Data Report which is a representation of the Offline Data maintained on the eBureau system and used in the various eBureau Products and Services. This information may include personally identifiable information related to the information contained in the request and alternate content that is associated with the request information. The Data Report we would provide to you would only include your personal information and not aggregate non-personal data (such as information from the US Census file or other similar neighborhood-level data).

    eBureau strives to ensure that the data it maintains on consumers is true and accurate. Please note, however, that eBureau secures its information from third party sources and neither eBureau nor any of its information providers, vendors, licensors, agents or affiliates warrant that the information is accurate or error free. If you believe that the information contained in your Data Report is incorrect, you can request to Opt-Out of eBureau's Marketing Services as noted below.

    Click here for instructions on requesting a Data Report.

    b. Opt Out-Upon receipt and verification of your Opt-Out request, eBureau will not use your information for eBureau's Marketing Services.  By Opting-Out, eBureau will no longer use your personal information in its Marketing Services or in eScores that may be included with the Marketing Services.   In order for eBureau to honor your Opt-Out, we will need to retain the information you provide under your Opt-Out request. This information will be used only to identify your Opt-Out status and to notify our clients of your Opt-Out status. The Opt-Out as described here will apply only to the information as submitted by you on your Opt-Out request (for example, prior addresses or nicknames may not be recognized by the Opt-Out process). In the event your information changes (i.e. change in address, name change), your Opt-Out may not apply to the information you changed.  In these cases, you can submit a new Opt-Out request. Also note that initiating an Opt-Out may not prevent the use of your information under situations where Marketing Services have already been delivered.  There may also be a delay of up to 5 business days from the date of your Opt-Out request before it is implemented and active.

    Click here for instructions on requesting an Opt-Out of eBureau Services.

General Consumer Inquiries
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