From technical development to sales and marketing, account management to finance and administration, eBureau depends on a strong team of individuals that can work collaboratively to meet the growing needs of our company.

If an entrepreneurial, fast-paced environment packed with smart people is a workplace where you play best, we’d like to hear from you. Please submit your resume with cover letter referencing your specific area of interest in the subject line of the email to 

eBureau offers a competitive salary, excellent health, dental, vision and life insurance coverage, a matching 401k plan and more. 

About eBureau

eBureau helps consumer-facing businesses make smarter decisions through big data and predictive analytics.  eBureau got its start in 2004 by entrepreneur Gordy Meyer when he and a group of industry veterans identified a critical, unmet need among consumer-facing businesses — the need to make better informed, data-driven, and instant business decisions about consumers each and every day: "Who is more likely to become a customer?" "Will they respond to our marketing offer?" "Is this individual likely to pay?"

Knowing a thing or two about big data and predictive analytics, eBureau went to work and reinvented how custom statistical scores were developed and deployed to help businesses answer these types of questions. 

Using predictive analytics to model the characteristics of current customers and accounts allows us to make predictions about the nature of future behaviors. Our eScores provide a clear and measurable way to help businesses assess the likelihood of a desired outcome as they go about their daily operations.

Today, we offer a wide range of solutions that provide real-time insight to help interactive marketers cut through the complexity, identify their ideal prospects and dynamically deliver the right offer at the right time.