December 22, 2008

Data-analysis for improved marketing outcomes

For consumer-oriented companies, split-second answers to questions about each customer can mean the difference between poor performance and profitability.

December 19, 2008

Risk management company continues to expand despite recession

eBureau has entered an agreement with collection software company Ontario Systems, based in Muncie, Ind. It is one of a half-dozen partnerships started this year with debt collection software companies scattered across the country. This partnership will offer eBureau the opportunity to sell its products to more than 500 companies that Ontario Systems has as clients including collection agencies, debt buyers, collection law offices and others.

December 18, 2008

Optimizing A Lead Generation Marketing Budget In Tough Times

In 2009, we're all going to hear more talk than ever before about what constitutes "quality" online leads. And there will be plenty of accompanying disagreement about what the word quality means as lead buyers try to squeeze the most out of their pressured budgets.

December 10, 2008

Vendors Team Up, Aiming to Offer Fuller Solutions

eBureau, the predictive scoring and information solutions provider, just became Ontario Systems’s latest business partner. eBureau’s scoring and skip-tracing capabilities are available to Ontario Systems’s customer base.

December 8, 2008

CRM offers colleges edge

According to the US Census Bureau, college enrollment in America is up 17% since 2000. More people apply to colleges each year, and the influx of interested students makes college admissions officers' jobs much harder than just a few years ago. On top of try ing to attract the people who will actually enroll, attend and pay, college recruiters now try to keep track of inquiries coming in from multiple channels and from around the world.

September 10, 2008
Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal

Tekne Awards finalists announced

The Minnesota High Tech Association on Wednesday announced the finalists for its ninth annual Tekne Awards, which honor local companies and executives for technological innovation and leadership. The finalists for the 2008 Tekne Awards include among others, eBureau for the Technology Services Award in the small and emerging category.

June 27, 2008
Education Channel Partner

eBureau, Datamark Partner for Enrollment Predictive Modeling

Information solutions provider eBureau and direct response advertising agency Datamark have announced a strategic partnership to use predictive modeling to evaluate online leads purchased by Datamark on behalf of its education clientele.

June 27, 2008
Campus Technology

eBureau and Datamark Form Partnership

The partnership will allow Datamark to generate "eScores," a value assigned to each online lead that predicts the likelihood an individual will apply, enroll, and start school. The process is intended to increase overall enrollment rates by allowing institutions to focus marketing and admissions resources in those areas more likely to produce leads that will convert into enrolled students. The system's integration with Datamark's LeadBin 5.0 further allows the company to accept or reject leads based on their individual value.

April 10, 2008
Business Week

The Credit Rating in Your Shoe Box

Alternative credit bureaus mine data on consumers using rent receipts, utility bills, and other clues.

March 28, 2008
St Cloud Times : ROI Magazine

What drives an entrepreneur? eBureau's president describes the thrill

Meyer is president of eBureau, which grew from an idea in fall 2003 to what is now a multimillion-dollar company. Since 2004, it has received about $28 million in two rounds of fundraising. But this isn't even close to Meyer's first venture.