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  • eScore - eBureau has reinvented predictive scoring with eScore, a service that enables rapid development and deployment of customized statistical scores
  • eScores for Collections - eBureau’s eScores for Collections offer accounts receivable management professionals a powerful suite of predictive scoring tools that accurately measure the probability of recovering various types of consumer debt
  • eTarget - eTarget is a real-time consumer demographic data append service that helps B2C online marketers instantly gain a comprehensive perspective of their opt-in website visitor. The service provides far more than gender, age and geographic characteristics to help companies better determine appropriate landing pages and co-registration offers.
  • eLink - eBureau's  service that helps accounts receivable management firms and departments locate, update and append information to a debtor record. eLink provides highly accurate phone numbers, addresses, bankruptcy information, deceased identification, assets, relatives, associates, neighbors and other vital information for workflow management.
  • eMonitor - eBureau's web-based reporting and visualization interface that allows our customers to view transactional data along with scores and trends in a "business intelligence" portal.


White Papers

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Lead Quality with Data and Scoring - Today, buying online leads and converting them into new customers can feel like eating a lobster dinner: there is much hard work and messy cleanup involved. Luckily, third party data and analytics vendors can help you separate the meat from the shell and ensure you get the  most ROI from your lead buying efforts. This white paper takes you through the ins and outs of using data and analytics providers to manage your lead quality.
  • Real Time Lead Scoring by analyst firm Bloor Research - A Competitive Edge with Lead Scoring - The future for the industry is real-time online sales lead scoring.  This paper outlines the use of lead scoring to optimize the results of your online lead generation campaigns.


Success Stories


Solution Briefs

  • Collections - Predictive Scoring To Maximize 'Profitability Per Account' for Receivables Management Firms