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Measure Quality in Real-Time and Improve Your Cost-Per Acquisition

As billions of direct marketing dollars migrate from traditional advertising channels to the Internet, performance marketers must continually optimize their new customer acquisition campaigns, and improve the quality of consumer sales leads. To address these challenges, eBureau delivers the most advanced predictive analytics, verification and enhanced targeting services available.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Lead Quality with Data and Scoring

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eBureau’s patented predictive analytics platform provides instant access to billions of customer records and unprecedented performance, speed and ease in knowing which leads are more likely to convert into your next customer. 

There are vendors in the market that claim they can score leads or even predict consumer behavior, but what exactly does that mean? In head-to-head tests, eBureau outperforms the competition. Compare for yourself and see how eBureau’s powerful lead quality scoring services can make sure you are procuring the right leads at the right price.

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