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eTarget Demographics

Real-Time Consumer Demographic Append to Enhance Leads and Thin File Registration

eBureau's eTarget is a real-time consumer demographic data append service that helps B2C online marketers instantly gain a comprehensive perspective of their opt-in website visitors (online leads). eTarget appends demographic characteristics to help clients:


eTarget - real-time consumer demographic data append service

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  • Better determine subsequent landing pages
  • Make better targeted or pre-qualified marketing and co-registration offers
  • Fine-tune contact center conversion strategies and re-marketing efforts
  • Better understand a lead’s relevancy
  • Enhance the overall quality of a given lead

By "filling in the blanks" eTarget can help reduce the number of fields required on online registration forms, which can improve the consumer experience and lower website abandonment rates. This can increase lead volumes and improve overall ROI from online lead generation campaigns.