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Lead Quality Monitoring Dashboard

eMonitor is a web-based reporting and visualization interface that allows eBureau’s customers to view transactional data along with scores and trends in a “business intelligence” portal.


eMonitor - web-based reporting and visualization interface

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eMonitor gives you access to a complete set of self-serve reports, enabling instant insight into results from eBureau’s eVerify, eScore, and eTarget products. With eMonitor’s reporting capability, you can easily summarize and present complex data for your key stakeholders; and make better decisions faster.  

With eMonitor, Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) advertisers can analyze trends over time and compare one lead source to another. If you see that lead quality is better from a new source, you could decide to buy more leads from that source. Conversely, if a source’s quality is declining, moving resources elsewhere may be the best option. Either way, you’re in control.