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[ High Quality Skip Tracing Service

eLink provides account receivables management firms with current and accurate phone numbers, addresses, bankruptcy and deceased information. The service can include all of the vital information you need to more efficiently contact debtors and improve collection results. eLink is valuable to any receivables management company or law firm seeking to quickly locate individuals and information during the collection or legal process. eLink helps companies control mailing, telephony and staffing expenses.


eLink - locate, update and append information to a debtor record

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[ Improve Your Right Party Contact Rates

eLink enables you to more efficiently contact debtors and improve right party contact rates by delivering essential contact information, including: Updated telephone numbers, Current address information, Relatives and associates. eLink can provide one-stop shopping by incorporating deceased records and bankruptcy information.

[ Detailed Messages Provide Additional Insights

To help you further refine your contact strategies, eLink returns a set of messages along with each account that spot: Invalid SSNs, SSNs issued before birth, prison phones and addresses,  phones and addresses for mail delivery locations, Invalid addresses, military addresses, business addresses, apartment or highrise addresses, and known fraud addresses.