iQuoteX and eBureau Partner to Improve Lead Quality and to Combat Fraud

eBureau, a leader in predictive analytics for performance marketers and digital advertisers, today announced that Insurance Quote Exchange, LP (iQuoteX), a top lead generator for insurance agents and carriers, has selected eBureau’s total lead quality management solution, including the company’s eScore™, eVerify™, and eMonitor™ offerings, to deliver higher-quality leads to its insurance sector customers and partners and proactively combat affiliate fraud.

iQuoteX will use eBureau in its ever evolving solution to verify, score and understand the demographics of insurance leads in real-time.  Additionally, iQuoteX will leverage eBureau’s eMonitor real-time reporting dashboard to strengthen its ability to thwart deceptive lead generation and delivery practices.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), online marketers spend well over $1 billion per year in on online lead generation.  With so much at stake, some pay-per-performance affiliate marketers are able to commit fraud by manufacturing fake leads, blending one source of leads with another, or intentionally altering a lead’s contact information – and then selling those to unsuspecting companies. Such nefarious tactics can cost companies millions of dollars each year.

“In an industry where fraud has become a persistent and growing problem,  iQuoteX is taking aggressive action to fight back, and to give insurance agents and carriers the high-quality, reliable, and verified leads they need to grow their respective businesses,” said Gordy Meyer, president and chief executive officer of eBureau. “eBureau applauds these strategic and operational efforts, which will immediately reduce returned leads and greatly enhance service delivery to iQuoteX customers.”

“At iQuoteX, insurance agents and carriers are the lifeblood of our company, so we are always seeking proven, sophisticated technology-driven methods of better serving our clients,” said Cliff Berman, chief executive officer of iQuoteX. “By turning to eBureau’s real-time lead scoring, verification, and monitoring capabilities, we are better equipped to address fraud issues head on.  By accessing eMonitor, it puts the controls at our fingertips to deliver higher-quality leads and customer service to our agents and carriers. With eBureau as a partner, we’re taking our stand on affiliate fraud, and we’re committed to helping the industry turn this around one lead at a time.”

eBureau’s total lead quality management solution includes eScore, the company’s lead quality scoring service to help make better business decisions; eVerify, a detailed lead verification solution that validates consumer information; and eMonitor, a real-time web-based dashboard to visually monitor the quality of leads generated by online marketing campaigns or channels.

eBureau is among the 100+ companies exhibiting at the 2012 LeadsCon Conference at The Mirage in Las Vegas, NV February 28-29, 2012.  Attendees can stop by booth #300 and learn more about eBureau’s lead scoring, verification and monitoring products.