Fraud Prevention

Lower Fraud Losses through Proactive Prevention

eBureau’s fraud prevention solutions help you identify and stop fraud before it adversely impacts your bottom line. In addition to mitigating financial losses, our fraud prevention solutions help you comply with industry and federal compliance obligations. Our solutions help your business, and all consumers, combat fraud and identity theft.

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New Accounts | Card Not Present | Lead Fraud | Compliance

New Account Fraud Prevention: Reduce fraud losses from new customers

eBureau helps companies prevent fraud and identity theft in new customer relationships, utilizing eScores as the first line of defense for identifying prospective customers with the highest fraud risks.

In most cases, new account fraud prevention eScores are designed to identify those consumers who have no intention of paying for your goods or services. With eVerify, companies can verify name, address, SSN, telephone, email, DOB and other information provided by the prospective customer.

eVerify’s message codes also help you identify data integrity issues and alert you to high risk circumstances often associated with fraud.

When fraud risks are highest, companies also incorporate eAuthenticate into their fraud prevention processes to gain an incremental layer of identity authentication on the prospective customer.

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Card Not Present (CNP) Fraud Prevention: Lower credit card fraud losses in card not present transactions

eBureau's services prevent credit card fraud in card not present transactions and are designed to help companies lower chargeback rates while maximizing order fulfillment.

eScores are the first level of defense against chargeback risk and are developed from a full interrogation of the billing and shipping information, AVS and CVV2 results, previous order information, device identification data and any number of input elements.

eVerify verifies name, address, telephone, email and additional order information and is useful for streamlining the manual review process with high risk orders.

When fraud risks are highest, companies may also incorporate eAuthenticate into their fraud prevention processes to authenticate the consumer placing the order.

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Lead Fraud Prevention: Making the third party lead ecosystem safer for lead buyers and sellers

Over the past several years, companies in a variety of industries have begun to purchase leads from third party lead sellers as part of their customer acquisition processes.

Since money is at stake, the third party lead ecosystem has fraud implications for lead buyers and sellers alike. eBureau's scoring and verification products help mitigate lead fraud problems for both sides.

eScores are typically the first line of defense and are designed to identify leads with the highest probability of fraud to help companies avoid unnecessary lead costs and sub-standard lead quality. Buyers and sellers of leads also use eVerify to verify name, address, telephone, email, date of birth and other information provided on a lead form. With eVerify, companies can distinguish between contactable leads and those with bogus contact information. 

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Compliance Support: Utilizing eBureau’s fraud prevention services to meet compliance obligations

eBureau’s scoring, verification and authentication fraud prevention solutions mitigate fraud losses and support compliance obligations. Our solutions provide important content for supporting a number of compliance responsibilities, including:

  • Custom Identification Program (CIP) support
  • Patriot Act 326 compliance support
  • Address red flag compliance support
  • OFAC compliance support
  • TCPA compliance support

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