Credit Risk Assessment

Make Better Decisions on 100% of Your Applicants

eBureau’s credit risk solutions help companies make better credit decisions on all applicants interested in your products and services. Our unique approach helps companies increase new customer acquisitions while maintaining or lowering bad debt losses, and are effective alone or when used in conjunction with other credit resources. 

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Thin & No-File | Non-prime & Underbanked | Credit Super Scores

Thin & No-File Scoring: Profitably expanding your customer relationships

eBureau’s founders pioneered the development of thin and no-file credit scores to help companies effectively assess the credit risk of consumers who do not have a scoreable credit file with the major credit reporting agencies.

eBureau’s thin and no-file eScores create an opportunity for companies to profitably expand customer growth. These eScores also help consumers receive credit terms that they may not otherwise receive in the absence of these eBureau scores.

Both credit grantors and consumers benefit from thin and no-file credit eScores.

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Non-Prime & Underbanked Scoring: Making better decisions on this large and growing group

Many experts estimate that up to 60 million consumers need alternative credit products that are not “mainstream.” An additional challenge with this group is that many have very similar credit scores from the major credit reporting agencies, so it’s harder to differentiate good risks from bad.

The eBureau team has decades of risk assessment experience with this group of consumers and eBureau’s data assets and eScore capabilities are ideally suited for credit risk assessment on this population. These eScores enable companies to effectively segment credit risks on this group and more effectively make the right credit offers to the right people.

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Credit Super Scores: Making the most informed credit decision possible

eBureau’s data assets and eScore technology enable the development of highly effective credit scores. However, since the eBureau data is not the only data source that is effective for credit risk assessment, some companies choose to leverage eBureau data with other credit data sources in their scoring algorithm to create a credit “super score.”

eBureau’s eScore technology makes it easy to leverage additional data sources in custom score developments, and the approach often results in a 20-40 percent improvement in credit risk segmentation.

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