Find and Acquire New Customers More Profitably

eBureau offers auto dealers, lead providers, OEMs and their agencies powerful analytics to drive profitable new customer acquisition through  lead quality management, fraud prevention, credit risk management and collections and recovery solutions.

With more consumers using online channels to search for their next vehicle, automotive marketers are using eBureau’s solutions to find and connect with new prospects, quickly and profitably. With eBureau, you gain access to insights that help you analyze and better understand which prospects are actively involved in the buying process, and even determine how likely a customer is to purchase a vehicle in the coming year. Use eBureau's various solutions to help:

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Identify application risk and reduce application fraud
  • Identify online affiliate fraud
  • Qualify new prospects that are in market for an automobile
  • Understand consumer credit and payment risk up front - including "Thin-and-No-File", sub-prime and near-prime credit consumers