Big Data and Predictive Analytics for Smarter Decisions

eBureau’s solutions help business-to-business companies make critical decisions throughout the customer lifecycle. Our big data assets and analytic capabilities are used to increase acquisitions, boost efficiency, reduce losses and grow revenue.

eBureau’s B2B solutions leverage eBureau’s data assets and the data assets of Oxxford Information Technology. Oxxford’s information covers over 35 million businesses and enables a view of a business from several dimensions. The combined eBureau & Oxxford data enables a comprehensive perspective of the business and the people associated to the business. 

Consumer Lead Quality ManagementMarketing & Lead Management
Increase acquisitions & lower costs
Fraud Prevention Fraud Prevention
Lower fraud losses through proactive prevention
Credit Risk Management Credit Risk Assessment 
Comprehensive assessment of the business and those who run them
Colletions & Recovery Collections & Recovery
Increase recoveries and retain customer relationships