Marketing & Lead Management

Increase New Customer Acquisitions While Lowering Costs

eBureau’s marketing and lead management solutions help companies make data-driven customer acquisition decisions that drive new customer growth, improve operations and lower acquisition costs. Regardless of your acquisition channels and processes, eBureau can help you target and acquire new customer who look like your most profitable customers. 

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Direct Mail | Inbound Call Routing | Lead Management | CRM

Direct Mail: Making your direct mail dollars go further  

eBureau’s scoring, verification and append products come together to help marketers improve direct mail campaign results. eScores accurately segment the prospects and customers most likely to respond and convert, and identify prospects who should be suppressed due to high return mail probability.

eVerify accurately verifies and updates list contact information, and ensures your list is clean and up-to-date. 

eTarget appends business, demographic and contact information to a purchased, rented or in-house list in order to improve offer relevancy for your next direct mail campaign.

Through our relationship with Oxxford Information Technology, you can also obtain a list of businesses that meet your specific targeting criteria. 

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Inbound Call Routing: Real-time solutions to improve conversion rates and cross sale opportunities 

eBureau helps call center operations managers improve inbound call routing decisions and results with automated scoring and actionable data insights.

eScores identify the inbound callers most likely to convert, those with the highest lifetime value and those most receptive to cross-sell offers, improving your call routing decisions and your agents’ ability to successfully present the best offer to the caller.

eTarget appends demographic and critical contact details to the call record, enabling a streamlined approval and call engagement process.

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Lead Management: Improving lead quality and contact probability

eBureau’s verification and enhancement services go to work for marketers to verify and enhance lead data in order to increase contactability and boost conversion rates.

eVerify verifies and updates contact information from newly generated leads to improve contactability and overcome low conversion rates.

eTarget helps marketers enhance lead records by appending business, demographic and contact information for actionable insights.

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CRM Data Management: Increasing the value of your database information with accurate data and additional insights

eVerify is used to verify and update lead, prospect and customer information within your CRM database to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information available for your next marketing campaign.

eTarget appends business, demographic and contact information to database records for additional insights, improving contactability and offer relevancy.

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