Credit Risk Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of the business and those who run them

eBureau’s credit risk solutions help companies confidently assess credit risk of any business but are particularly effective for credit risk assessment on smaller businesses. Our multidimensional insights on over 35 million U.S. businesses, combined with consumer data on nearly all of the of U.S. households and adults, provide an accurate and comprehensive view into the creditworthiness of a business and its related associates. Our unique approach helps you increase new customer acquisitions while maintaining or lowering bad debt losses. 

Effective alone or in conjunction with other credit resources, our business credit risk scores help you improve your bottom line by:

  • Effectively scoring businesses who can’t be scored with traditional credit data, specifically those with under $10 million in sales.
  • Approving profitable customers that would be turned away with traditional credit assessment approaches.
  • Combining business and consumer data with other credit data for a complete and accurate view for optimized credit decisions.