Collections & Recovery

Increase Recoveries & Retain Customer Relationships

eBureau’s collections and recovery solutions help companies more effectively contact past due accounts, maintain customer relationships, accelerate recoveries and lower collection costs. These solutions combine predictive scoring, skip tracing and monitoring to help companies identify the businesses most likely to resolve their debt which enables companies to more effectively prioritize work efforts and improve efficiencies. 

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Collection Scoring | Skip Tracing | Account Monitoring

Collection Scoring: Predicting key outcomes that drive recoveries 

Companies use a variety of collection eScores from eBureau to optimize collection strategy decisions and to recover more dollars at lower costs.

Collection departments use eScores to prioritize work efforts, determine which customers are most likely to resolve their account without third party agency involvement.

Collection agencies and debt buyers use eScores to prioritize work efforts and make strategy decisions.

In addition to custom eScores, we have several ready-to-use eScores that help predict:

  • return mail probability
  • contact probability
  • litigation success
  • collection probability 

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Skip Tracing: Comprehensive information that helps you stay connected.

Collection departments and collection companies rely on eLink to locate the most current address and telephone contact data and to increase right party contacts. The address and phone information returned in the eLink process include contact “confidence scores” to help you further refine work strategies.

eLink’s comprehensive message codes also provide data integrity insights about the account to help you better manage workflow strategies at lower costs.

As part of the skip tracing process, eLink can also be used to identify business bankruptcies.

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Account Monitoring: Staying informed while managing accounts

Companies rely on eLink to monitor collection accounts with alerts to new bankruptcy filings and status changes to existing bankruptcy cases.

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