Management Team

They've built successful companies, energized teams and changed the way businesses think, operate and execute. eBureau's executive management team brings solidarity and strategy to a team that is committed to building better solutions and products that support a wide variety of industries. In conjunction with our Board of Directors and backed by our Investors, eBureau's management team brings a shared vision to the entire company. Read their bios below.

Gordon Meyer: President and Chief Executive Officer
Mark Doman: Executive Vice President, Business Development
Greg Neeser: Executive Vice President, Compliance and Security
Joe Bockelman: Executive Vice President, Business Development
Mic O'Brien: Senior Vice President Analytics & Operations
Tim Laudenbach: Vice President of Card Not Present Fraud Prevention Services
Nancy Deaton: Chief Financial Officer
Jon Moog: Chief Information Officer
Rebecca Billig: Vice President of Human Resources

Gordon Meyer, President and Chief Executive Officer

Gordon (Gordy) has held several senior executive positions in his career, leading the start up and development of many successful companies. With an extensive career in risk management, Gordy brings significant experience and thought leadership in the application of analytics and decision sciences within marketing, credit and collections operations. For ten years, he held management and policy development responsibilities in credit and collections in managing Fingerhut's $2 billion direct mail catalog sales.

In 1994 Gordy founded RiskWise and led the development of a highly regarded risk management company focused on the development and distribution of a series of sophisticated decision products for credit, fraud prevention, collections, security and payment risk. These solutions were adopted widely by the nation's top financial, telecommunications and receivable management companies.

While building RiskWise, Gordy led the acquisition of National Fraud Center and co-founded a pre-employment risk management company called PeopleWise. LexisNexis acquired all three RiskWise businesses in June 2000. He continued to lead the RiskWise business and held senior roles in the LexisNexis technology organization until June of 2003. In the fall of 2003, Gordy founded eBureau and TruSignal in 2012.

​Gordy has spent the last 10 years leading eBureau and TruSignal in developing next generation predictive analytics platforms to fundamentally change the way businesses use predictive analytics to support decision making across many applications and markets.

Gordy graduated from the University of Minnesota Morris in 1983 and earned a Masters of Business Administration from St. Cloud State University.

Mark Doman, Executive Vice President, Business Development

Mark joined eBureau in the fall of 2004, bringing with him over 20 years of risk management, accounts receivable management, credit and finance expertise. Mark has held several senior executive positions during his career, helping found and develop successful risk management businesses.

Prior to eBureau Mark joined RiskWise in 1996, co-founded PeopleWise and helped all of the RiskWise organizations with strategy, business development, strategic alliances, product, sales and marketing. He held senior sales and product roles with RiskWise and LexisNexis from 2000 through May of 2004. During this time, Mark also provided strategic advice and guidance related to mergers and acquisitions.

Previously, Mark spent 13 years with Mid-Continent Agencies where he held Vice President roles in operations, product development, sales and marketing for this credit and accounts receivable management services company.

Mark is a frequent speaker and presenter to industry organizations and leaders in the areas of identity verification and fraud management.

Mark graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983.

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Greg Neeser, Executive Vice President, Compliance and Security

Greg joined eBureau in July of 2006 and brings over 20 years of leadership experience in operational and regulatory roles.

Over the past 10 years, Greg has directed the design, implementation and maintenance of eBureau's and TruSignal's compliance, data privacy and data security programs including compliance management systems and data security certification standards. 

Prior to joining eBureau, Greg spent six years at LexisNexis/RiskWise. As Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Greg was responsible for the Batch and Risk related product engineering resources, facilities and operations, and managed over 125 people located in multiple offices throughout the US. Also during his tenure, Greg provided regulatory insight and compliance fulfillment to his various areas of responsibility.

In previous roles Greg spent eight years in the financial services industry in both sales and operations-related capacities.  He also managed a global field services operation for five years serving local, federal, and international governmental agencies.

Greg earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management and Finance in 1988 from St. Johns University.

Joe Bockelman, Executive Vice President, Business Development

Joe serves as eBureau's Executive Vice President, Business Development, managing strategic partnerships related to company’s data licensing and industry partners.

Over the past 10 years, Joe has played a critical role in building and strengthening eBureau’s data assets while growing strategic partnerships across various industries for both eBureau and TruSignal. His work to secure key matching, onboarding and distribution partners throughout the adtech ecosystem have been crucial to TruSignal’s success. 

Joe has over 30 years of management experience with an expertise in risk management, marketing and fraud prevention - related information solutions. Previously, Joe was the Chief Product Marketing Officer of Qsent, Inc. from 2005 until its successful sale to TransUnion in late 2006. Prior to joining Qsent, Joe was Vice President of LexisNexis Risk Management, where he was instrumental in the transformation and development of LexisNexis’ market leadership in identity and risk management solutions.

Joe holds a Masters degree from Miami University, a Bachelors degree from Denison University, and completed Kellogg School of Management's Advanced Executive Program, Northwestern University.

Mic O'Brien, Senior Vice President Analytics & Operations

Mic joined eBureau in August 2005 to build and manage the sales support and client services teams for eBureau. Today, he serves as the Senior Vice President of Analytics where he leads all custom modeling projects as well as the statistical analysis and reporting for eBureau's customers.

Mic has over 20 years of statistical analysis, sales support, client services, and product management experience in various industries including financial services, specialty finance, insurance, education, collections and automotive finance.

Prior to eBureau, Mic held VP roles in strategic sales support and product management for RiskWise and LexisNexis where he focused on decision strategy and risk modeling as well as portfolio management of key client relationships including GE Consumer Finance, Retailers National Bank and Discover Financial Services. As head of product management for scoring, fraud and verification products, he was responsible for all of the credit application and card-not-present products for bank and retail card, automotive finance, wireless telecommunications and eCommerce customers.

Prior to RiskWise, Mic held various roles in operations management, credit buying and wholesale finance for seven years with Ford Motor Credit Company.

Mic earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Minnesota in 1987 and obtained his CPA certification in 1988.

Tim Laudenbach, Vice President of Card Not Present Fraud Prevention Services

Tim joined eBureau in July 2014 as Vice President of Card Not Present Fraud Prevention Services to lead product and business development efforts.

Tim brings with him 14 years of credit risk management experience from e-commerce giant Best Buy.  As director of credit risk, Tim managed daily operations of the credit risk department for During his time at Best Buy, Tim implemented dynamic behavioral models, rules and tools to identify high-risk customers while also improving systemic and procedural processes to improve work queue efficiencies. His contributions lead to reduced internet bad debt losses and lowered canceled orders to world class levels, effectively increasing top line revenue and customer satisfaction levels. 

Prior to Best Buy, Tim held various operational and project management roles in credit and collections for Fingerhut Companies. 

Tim served on the Merchant Risk Council’s Board of Directors and has held several speaking spots at MRC’s annual conference. 

Tim earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Concordia University. 

Nancy Deaton, Chief Financial Officer

Nancy joined eBureau in January 2004 and serves as eBureau's CFO overseeing all financial and reporting activities. Prior to joining eBureau, Nancy served as the CFO at RiskWise for seven years. While there, Nancy managed the team responsible for accounting, budgeting, compliance and forecasting. She also played a key role in overseeing the LexisNexis acquisition in 2000, managing the integration of processes between financial teams.

Previously, Nancy spent nine years working as a CPA for a public accounting firm and worked as the audit manager on the RiskWise account. Nancy obtained her Bachelor of Science from St. Cloud State University in 1989, graduating Summa Cum Laude. She also obtained her CPA certification in 1989. 

Jon Moog, Chief Information Officer

Jon joined eBureau in April of 2004 and is a principal architect of eBureau's innovative xTech platform. Jon brings with him over 15 years experience with early-stage technologies, building new processes and techniques from the ground up. His expertise includes pioneering unorthodox, cutting edge methods of developing technologies that combine reliability, speed and value to solve customer needs.

Prior to joining eBureau, Jon spent 10 years as the Chief Technology Officer for RiskWise. Under his direction as CTO, Jon was responsible for developing and implementing all technology platforms and systems with extreme precision and rigor. His diligence allowed RiskWise to operate 24/7 with nearly zero down time. With the acquisition by LexisNexis in 2000, Jon directed the transition and integration of the company's technology.

Rebecca Billig, Vice President of Human Resources

Rebecca joined eBureau in March of 2005 and serves as eBureau's Vice President of Human Resources. Rebecca has spent the last 12 years managing human resources for eBureau and has managed TruSignal's human resources since 2012.

Rebecca brings over 20 years of professional experience in human resource management, her expertise focuses on technology and start up companies. Prior to eBureau, Rebecca served as the Director of Human Resources at RiskWise for five years.

Additional experience includes human resource positions in the wireless and health care industries.

Currently, Rebecca is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management and has held various leadership positions at the local and state level, including the local chapter president, legislative director and state conference director.

Rebecca earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology — Business Administration in 1989 from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.