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eBureau is proud to serve a range of clients, from leading global corporations to innovative start-ups and agencies looking for an edge. But don't take our word for it - hear what they have to say.

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What they're saying about our Results:

With the implementation of the eScore we have been better able to identify potential fraud while also improving the ease of account opening for customers with stronger scores.

Manager, Customer Operations, a Global Virtual Banking Company

eBureau is able to score every individual, finding an additional 30% of those previously considered “fails”, due to lack of a credit score, and adding them immediately into the workflow.

Director, Credit Strategy, Top U.S. Cable Services Provider

Since implementing eBureau, our accept rate has doubled and our conversions are staying steady at 50%.

CIO of Consumer Lender

Our average customer transactions and 6 month average income is up.

Partner, Global Management Consulting Firm for Online Lenders

Since implementing eBureau we’ve purchased online leads far more likely to convert into long-term customer relationships.

VP, Global Management Consulting Firm for Online Lenders

We’ve reduced bad debt and made the department scalable to the business.

Manager, Multinational Retailer

Using eBureau, we were able to automate a process and reallocate FOUR employees to other jobs! That is HUGE.

CFO, Top Online Insurance Lead Aggregator

Since implementing eBureau’s scoring we’ve exhausted our dialing efforts based on scores, which saves us the cost of wasted dials and agent costs.

Compliance Officer, Receivables Management Agency

In the first quarter of 2011 my company collected the same amount of money as in the first quarter of 2010, with 22 few collectors. Outstanding!

CEO, Collection Agency


What they're saying about our Solutions:

Having real-time access to eBureau’s verification solution is crucial to enhancing our online lead generation efforts. We performed a rigorous analysis on a number of verification products and found eBureau's product to significantly improve lead contact rate and quality with minimal instances of Type I and Type II errors. eBureau's commitment to continually sourcing new contact data gives us confidence that we are delivering high quality, highly contactable leads to our advertiser customers.

Co-founder, Leading Performance Marketing Company

eBureau helps us immediately eliminate poor lead data, and increase the probability that good lead data will convert.

Founder and CEO, Trusted Lead Generator for Higher Education

eBureau's fresh approach to lead verification gives us more confidence than ever that we're not throwing away good leads. With eBureau, we now know which leads are truly contactable, which ensures our customers are happy with the high level of lead quality they’ve come to expect from us.

CEO, CPL Advertising Platform

Scores from eBureau have been extremely accurate, enabling us to target the correct accounts for the best return.

Systems Coordinator, Nationwide Collections Agency

eBureau allows us to make better decisions on sourcing leads and pricing them right. Also, we save money on not sending costly fulfillment packages to poor quality leads.

Marketing Manager, Leading Provider of Alternative Banking Solutions

Most comprehensive and best dashboard analytics.

Analyst, University for Entertainment and Media


What they're saying about our Service:

The eBureau team was very responsive to our requests and provided us the flexibility we were looking for.

Manager, Lead Generation, Education Services

We selected eBureau based on customer service, ease of integration and value of the data.

CEO, Lead Generator

We really appreciated the greater flexibility in modeling. eBureau's sales and operations teams were very supportive.

Vice President, Top Ten U.S. Cable Services Provider