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eBureau helps consumer-facing businesses make smarter decisions - through big data and predictive analytics


Our role:
eBureau got its start in 2004 by entrepreneur Gordy Meyer when he and a group of industry veterans identified a critical, unmet need among consumer-facing businesses — the need to make better informed, data-driven, and instant business decisions about consumers each and every day: "Who is more likely to become a customer?" "Will they respond to our marketing offer?" "Is this individual likely to pay?"

Knowing a thing or two about big data and predictive analytics, eBureau went to work and reinvented how custom statistical scores were developed and deployed to help businesses answer these types of questions.

Using predictive analytics to model the characteristics of current customers and accounts allows us to make predictions about the nature of future behaviors. Our eScores provide a clear and measurable way to help businesses assess the likelihood of a desired outcome as they go about their daily operations.

Today, we offer a wide range of solutions that provide real-time insight to help interactive marketers cut through the complexity, identify their ideal prospects and dynamically deliver the right offer at the right time.

Our solutions:
eBureau’s patented technology analyzes vast amounts of predictive data to offer instant insights across multiple industries, from higher education to financial services to automotive and insurance marketers. For more information and examples of how our predictive analytics solutions deliver a competitive advantage to our clients, we invite you to take a closer look: 

Consumer Lead Quality ManagementConsumer Lead Quality Management
Measure quality in real-time and improve lead gen ROI
Fraud Prevention Fraud Prevention
Prevent fraud losses by detecting it before it happens
Colletions & Recovery Collections & Recovery
Better prioritize outbound efforts to maximize results
Credit Risk Management Credit Risk Management
Make informed credit decisions 100% of the time

In 2012, eBureau spun off its digital ad targeting solution into a sister company, TruSignal. TruSignal builds custom audiences to help online advertisers precisely target their highest value prospects across 1:1 digital marketing channels. Visit TruSignal to learn more.

Our history:

Led by a proven management team and backed by strategic partners, eBureau continues to build upon its marketplace success through an unwavering commitment to client-focused innovation across all areas of the company.

  • January 2004: Company founded by Gordy Meyer; $8 million raised from early investors
  • March 2006: Receives additional $8 million in venture capital from Split Rock Partners
  • November 2006: Issued U.S. Patent for on-line organization of data sets
  • April 2007: Launches eScores, eBureau’s flagship predictive scoring solution
  • August 2007: Raises $12 million in Series B funding, led by Redpoint Ventures
  • December 2007: Appoints Matt Coffin, founder of, to the Board of Directors
  • March 2008: Announces partnership with Experian, leveraging eBureau data and eScore technology to deliver Experian’s Emerging Credit Score(sm)
  • June 2008: Unveils partnership with Datamark to deliver lead scoring to the Education market
  • September 2008: Launches eVerify, eBureau’s flagship lead verification solution
  • April 2009: Launches eTarget, real-time consumer demographic information
  • July 2009: Launches eMonitor, industry’s premier web-based lead quality monitoring tool
  • September 2009: Raises $10 million in Series C funding, led by Tenaya Capital
  • November 2009: Announces over 100 million online lead quality scores delivered
  • December 2009: Launches First real-time display ad targeting customer pilot
  • January 2010: Acquires 100th client and continues expansion in Higher Education, Insurance, Financial Services, Collections, Automotive, Communications and Online Retail
  • May 2010: Launches eVerify Phone Contact Score a complete lead contactability solution
  • June 2010: Announces over 30 million higher education scores delivered since 2008
  • September 2010: Announces major expansion of consumer data assets
  • January 2011:  LeadsCouncil members vote eBureau best-in-class vendor for scoring, verification and Technology MVP
  • August 2011:  Announces record company revenue for first half of 2011
  • December 2011: Bankrate deploys eBureau scoring to combat online affiliate fraud
  • January 2012: eBureau spins off its digital ad targeting unit as TruSignal, a sister company

Where are we headed next? Stay in touch with us on Twitter, LinkedIn or visit our blog.